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Swimming Pool Design Across The North West Of The Uk

At Johnston Consulting Engineers, we have offices in Blackpool, Chorley and work across the North West of the UK. View our services for swimming pool design.

Swimming Pool Design

Johnston Consulting Engineers specialise in the design of swimming pools having previously worked for one of Europe's largest swimming pool contractors for over 20 years.


We have been involved in designing all types of pools for domestic, commercial, health, leisure and municipal clients in Chorley, Blackpool and beyond.

Resort pool indoors with no people

Purpose Built  Pool Designs

On many occasions we have also been commissioned to design the structure of the pool building. Swimming pool creations can vary widely depending on the design, materials, and features used in the pool. Some popular swimming pool creations include:


Infinity pools: These pools appear to have no edge, and water spills over into a catch basin that creates the illusion of a never-ending horizon.

Natural pools: These pools are designed to mimic natural swimming holes or ponds, with a more organic shape and natural materials such as rocks and plants.

Geometric pools: These pools are designed with clean, angular lines and often feature straight edges and right angles.

Freeform pools: These pools have a more organic shape, with curves and flowing lines that create a more natural look.

Lap pools: These pools are designed for exercise and feature a long, narrow shape that allows for swimming laps.

Saltwater pools: These pools use a saltwater chlorination system instead of traditional chlorine, which can be gentler on the skin and eyes.

Smart pools: These pools are equipped with technology that allows for remote control of features such as lighting, temperature, and water level.

Pool with a view: These pools are often designed to take advantage of a scenic view, such as a mountain range, ocean, or city skyline.

Indoor pools: These pools are located inside a building, often in a basement or enclosed space, and can be used year-round regardless of the weather.

These are just a few examples of the many swimming pool creations that are possible. The design and features of a swimming pool can be customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner.

arch house
swimming pool

Project: Private external swimming pool building

Client: Weststream UK

Project Value: £4m


Project Details: Works include the design of a new swimming pool and spa along with the pool building enclosure.

Steel frame building, brickwork cladding, steelwork purlins and lightweight insulated roof panels.

Full glazed front elevation with fully opening sliding doors.

Project: Private health club with indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness studio, gym and bistro.

Client: Clement Dickens & Son Ltd

Value: £2.5m

Architect: Craven Design Partnership

Main Contractor: Clement Dickens & Son Ltd. (design & build)

Design of new indoor swimming pool and spa.

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We have been involved in designing all types of pools for Domestic, Commercial, Health, Leisure and Municipal clients in Chorley, Blackpool and beyond. Contact us today at Johnston Consulting Engineers.


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