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Bridge Design Consultations

Services for Bridges across the North West of the UK

For services on bridges, contact us at Johnston Consulting Engineers Ltd. Our services are available in Blackpool, Chorley, and across the North West of the UK. Contact us today.


Bridges are an essential part of modern infrastructure, and there are many different types of bridges that have been created over the years. Some popular bridge creations are included below.

At Johnston Consulting Engineers Ltd we offer consultations on a variety of bridge designs for both commercial and industrial organisations. Our team have over 45 years of experience in working with organisations to produce outstanding results.

Bridge by Johnston Consulting Engineers Ltd

Types of Bridges

Suspension bridges: These bridges are supported by cables that are anchored to towers at either end of the bridge. The cables are then attached to the roadway, which hangs from the cables.

Arch bridges: These bridges have a curved, arch-shaped design that distributes the weight of the bridge and the traffic load to the abutments on either end.

Truss bridges: These bridges have a lattice-like design that consists of triangular sections, which help to distribute the weight of the bridge and the traffic load.

Beam bridges: These bridges are the simplest type of bridge and consist of a horizontal beam that is supported by piers or abutments on either end.

Cable-stayed bridges: These bridges are similar to suspension bridges, but they have fewer cables that are anchored to the roadway at regular intervals.

Tied-arch bridges: These bridges have a similar design to arch bridges, but they have a horizontal tie beam that connects the two arches to provide additional support.

Cantilever bridges: These bridges have a structure that extends out from the abutments on either end and is supported by a series of beams and cables.

Movable bridges: These bridges are designed to move to allow for the passage of boats or ships. They can be either drawbridges, lift bridges, or swing bridges.

 These are just a few examples of the many different bridge creations that are possible. The design and features of a bridge can be customized to fit the specific needs and environment of the location.

Concrete bridge with wooden railings
Concrete bridge with wooden railings
View of the bridge carrying the A4 road over the River Thames between Maidenhead

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We have been involved in designing all types of bridges for our clients in Chorley, Blackpool, and beyond. Contact us today at Johnston Consulting Engineers.


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